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Dear Sister: Helpful Tips

Dear Sister,

What was helpful for you as you were discerning your vocation?



Sr. Terry lives & works in California; she's been a Sister of the Precious Blood for 39 years!

Dear Claudia,

First, and foremost, is take your time.

When I was searching out religious life, discernment was not a word I knew. In fact, my searching was a discovery of religion and God in my life.

I did go to Church! My family were, what can be described as Sunday Catholics. My dad was a lector. I found myself fascinated by the Mass and enjoyed going. As I got older, attending a Catholic College, I found myself attending daily Mass.

Perhaps the things that helped me most as I discerned religious life, was talking with someone who could listen and help lead me in a direction that I was reluctant to take. And, because I went to a Catholic College, I was required to take religion classes. Again, I found myself intrigued by the courses, liturgies attended and, along with this person I was talking with, began to sense a movement of God.

I remember being fascinated with the martyrs. I wrote a paper on Sts. Perpetua and Felicity, martyrs of the Church. I pondered on the strength of these women who gave up family and, in particular, a newborn child, to give their life for God. To this day, these ladies still cause me to ponder. After all these years, I am not that holy. I pray that my commitment and belief in God will allow me to give witness to God’s activity in my life.

With prayer,

Sr. Terry

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